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apple iphone 6s plus vs iphone 7 plus


Apple iPhone 6s Plus vs iPhone ⁢7 Plus – A Comprehensive Comparison

When it comes​ to choosing a ⁣new smartphone, Apple’s​ iPhone series is undoubtedly one of ⁣the ⁢top choices for many consumers. Today, we will delve into the comparison between two of their popular models, the Apple ​iPhone 6s Plus and the iPhone⁢ 7 Plus, to help you ‌make an informed decision.

Design and Display

The design of the Apple iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone ⁤7 Plus carries ⁤a similar aesthetic, with ⁤their iconic slim profile and sleek metal bodies. However,‍ there are noticeable⁣ differences. The⁢ iPhone 7 Plus introduced the water and dust resistance ⁣feature, making it a ​more durable option. Additionally, the iPhone 7 Plus removed the⁢ traditional headphone jack, while the iPhone 6s Plus retains it.

The display on both models is impressive,‍ but the iPhone 7 Plus takes a slight edge⁢ in terms of color accuracy and brightness. It features a 5.5-inch Retina HD display with​ 1920×1080 resolution, while the iPhone 6s Plus boasts a 5.5-inch Retina HD display with a⁣ lower resolution of 1920×1080.

Performance and Features

Under ‍the hood, these devices⁢ showcase Apple’s advanced technology. The iPhone 7 Plus ​houses a more ⁢powerful A10 Fusion chip, providing faster processing speeds and improved overall⁣ performance compared to the‌ iPhone 6s Plus. This results in smoother multitasking and better gaming experiences.

Both models offer exceptional camera ​capabilities, but the iPhone 7 Plus has a slight advantage with its ‍dual‌ 12-megapixel rear cameras, enabling optical zoom and depth-of-field effects. The iPhone‍ 6s Plus, on the other hand, features a single 12-megapixel‍ rear camera. However, both produce stunning photos and videos.

Battery and Storage

When it comes to battery life, both devices perform well,‍ but the iPhone 7 Plus showcases a larger⁤ battery capacity, providing slightly longer usage times compared to the⁤ iPhone ⁤6s Plus.

In terms of storage options, the⁢ iPhone 7 Plus offers a minimum of 32GB, whereas the⁣ iPhone 6s Plus starts ‍at 16GB. For users‍ who require ample space for apps, photos, and videos, the increased minimum storage capacity⁣ of ⁢the iPhone 7 Plus is ⁢a significant advantage.


In ⁢conclusion,⁢ both the Apple iPhone ​6s Plus and iPhone 7 Plus are exceptional devices, each with its own strengths. The⁤ iPhone 6s Plus remains a reliable choice​ with its headphone jack, slightly lower price point,⁣ and excellent camera performance. On the other hand, the iPhone 7 Plus surpasses it in terms of ​water resistance, improved processor, dual cameras, and increased minimum storage capacity.

Ultimately, the decision depends on your personal preferences, budget, and needs. Whether you choose the Apple iPhone 6s Plus or iPhone‍ 7 Plus, both devices offer an outstanding iOS experience that Apple is⁢ renowned for.

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