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deadbolts with keys on both sides


Deadbolts with ⁤Keys ‌on Both Sides ⁢- The Perfect⁤ Security Solution

Deadbolt‍ with keys on both sides

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on deadbolts⁤ with keys on both sides, ‌the perfect security solution​ for your⁤ home. In this article, we will ‌delve into the features, ⁣benefits, and reasons why you ⁤should consider⁢ installing these advanced deadbolts to enhance your home ⁤security.

What are⁢ Deadbolts with​ Keys⁣ on Both‌ Sides?

Deadbolts⁤ with keys on both sides, also known as ‌double cylinder deadbolts,⁢ are a type of lock ​that require a key to lock ‍and unlock from both the exterior and ​interior sides of a door. Unlike ⁣traditional deadbolts that only⁣ require a key‍ from ⁤the outside, these‌ double cylinder ⁣deadbolts ‌provide an extra layer ⁤of security, especially when used⁢ on doors with glass panels or near ‍windows.

The Advantages ‍of Deadbolts with Keys on Both Sides

  1. Enhanced Security: By requiring a key for both entry and exit, ⁢double cylinder ‌deadbolts offer greater protection against forced entry or ​break-ins. This is especially important if your doors have windows or are easily accessible.
  2. Deterrence: The​ presence of visible keys on both ‌sides of your⁤ door acts as ‌a deterrent to ​burglars. It increases the ​level of difficulty for unauthorized access and sends‌ a clear signal that your home⁤ is well-secured.
  3. Child Safety: ⁢ Since these deadbolts⁤ need a key to unlock from⁣ the inside,​ it ensures that children⁣ cannot ⁣easily open the door⁣ without adult supervision, preventing accidental exits or potential hazards.
  4. Peace of Mind: Installing deadbolts with keys on both sides‍ gives you confidence in knowing ‌that your home is equipped with​ a top-of-the-line security solution, allowing you⁢ to enjoy peace of mind whether you’re at home or away.

Considerations When Installing Double​ Cylinder Deadbolts

While deadbolts with keys on both sides offer exceptional security, there ​are a few points to consider:

  • Emergency situations: In the event of a fire or any other emergency ⁣that necessitates a quick⁤ exit, ⁢it may take additional time to locate and unlock the key to open the door. Therefore, ensure everyone in your household ⁢is aware of⁢ this and keeps the key accessible but in a secure ‌place.
  • Local building ⁤codes: ⁣Some‌ areas impose specific regulations regarding the installation​ and usage of double cylinder deadbolts. Check with your local authorities to ensure compliance before installing these ⁤locks.
  • Professional installation: To guarantee proper functioning and security, make sure to⁣ have deadbolts with keys on both sides⁤ installed by a qualified locksmith or professional.

In Summary

Deadbolts with keys on ‌both sides provide enhanced security, act as a deterrent, and offer peace of mind to​ homeowners. Although they require‌ additional precautions in emergency situations and adhering to local codes, these double cylinder deadbolts are an excellent choice to bolster your ​home security.

Investing in deadbolts with keys on ⁢both sides is a‌ proactive approach to protect‌ your⁢ loved ones and valuable ⁣possessions. Upgrade your doors with this advanced security solution today ‌and experience ⁣the added peace of mind it‌ delivers!

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