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draw something board game rules

Draw something

Draw Something Board𝅺 Game 𝅺Rules

Welcome to the world of Draw ⁢Something, 𝅺the exciting board game that challenges‌ your ⁤creativity and artistic skills.𝅺 In ‌this⁣ article, we will explain the⁢ rules⁢ of the game, ⁣so you ⁤can have⁤ an⁢ enjoyable and ⁤successful gaming⁤ experience with your‌ friends and‍ family.


The Draw‍ Something Board Game is a multiplayer drawing ⁣and⁤ guessing ‌game. It requires ​a minimum of two players, but the more the merrier!𝅺 Each player ⁤takes ⁢turns drawing a selected word ‍while ⁢the⁣ other players try‌ to guess what it⁣ is within a set time limit.

Setting Up

Before starting the⁤ game,⁣ make𝅺 sure𝅺 you have the‍ following:

  • A game board
  • Sketchpads or whiteboards
  • Drawing tools (pencils, markers, or colored pencils)
  • Word𝅺 cards or a word ⁣generator⁢ app
  • A ⁢timer

Once you ‌have ⁣all the 𝅺necessary materials,‌ determine ⁣the order of ​play. The youngest player can go first.

The⁣ Gameplay

The game progresses around the⁣ table in a clockwise direction. The player ​who‌ is up takes a‌ word card⁤ or generates a word using ‌an app. ‌They read​ the word silently and 𝅺prepare to draw it ‌within the time limit. ⁤The word can be⁤ a common⁣ object,𝅺 animal, or anything you 𝅺can ​imagine.

While the artist is​ drawing, all other players⁢ try ⁤to guess the word. They have a specific ​time​ limit, usually⁤ 60‍ seconds, to ⁤shout out their⁣ guesses.⁢ The ⁤artist ⁣is not allowed⁤ to ⁢speak or 𝅺give⁣ any verbal clues⁣ about‍ the word.

Once the ‌time is up, the artist reveals the correct word.​ Players‌ who 𝅺guessed correctly earn points,‍ and ​the artist also⁢ earns points based 𝅺on⁣ the number 𝅺of𝅺 correct guesses. The 𝅺points⁤ can be‌ tracked on⁢ a ​scorecard or a whiteboard.

The game continues in the same ⁣manner with each player ⁢taking turns being the artist. The player with‍ the highest ⁤score at‍ the end of the agreed number​ of rounds wins the ⁢game.

Special Rules

There are a few additional rules to ⁢keep ⁤in‍ mind while playing Draw Something:

  • No ‍letters ​or⁣ numbers: The​ artist cannot draw ‍any letters or ​numbers⁤ to ⁤represent the word.
  • No gestures or ‌sounds: The artist cannot ‌use gestures or make⁢ sounds to⁤ indicate the‌ word.
  • 𝅺

  • No⁢ spelling out:‍ Players ‍cannot‌ spell ⁤out the word using the letters of the alphabet.

Following these​ rules ensures ​fair⁣ gameplay and enhances ⁣the‍ challenge for⁣ both ⁤the artist and the guessers.


Now that you are​ acquainted with the Draw Something Board Game Rules, gather your ‍friends and family, and let the creativity flow! Have 𝅺fun ‍guessing, drawing, and competing to ⁢see who ​can become ⁣the ultimate artist in this exciting game.

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