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how to make co hosts in zoom


How to Make Co-Hosts 𝅺in Zoom

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Step 1: 𝅺Scheduling Your ⁤Zoom⁤ Meeting

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To‍ make co-hosts𝅺 in ​Zoom, you 𝅺first need to schedule 𝅺a meeting. ‌Go𝅺 to your ⁢Zoom account, click ⁢on​ the “Schedule⁢ a​ Meeting” button, and fill in⁤ the ‌necessary details, such​ as 𝅺the meeting topic, 𝅺date, ⁢and time.


Step 2: Enabling 𝅺the Co-Host Option

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Once you have⁢ scheduled your‌ meeting,⁣ scroll ⁢down ‍to the⁣ bottom ‌of the page and ⁤click on the “Advanced Options” ‍link. ​A pop-up window𝅺 will‍ appear, and there you ⁤can⁤ find⁤ the “Co-host” option. Enable it by ticking the ⁢checkbox next to⁢ it.

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Step ‌3: Adding ⁣Co-Hosts

Now that ‌you‍ have enabled the co-host⁤ option,​ save ‌your 𝅺meeting‍ settings⁢ and proceed⁢ to⁢ host the meeting. ⁣During ⁣the meeting, you can assign ⁣co-hosts ​by clicking‌ on ⁤the ‍”Participants” button⁢ at the bottom ‌of⁤ the ​Zoom‌ window.⁢ A sidebar will ​appear, and ⁢there‍ you can search ‌for participants’ names.

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Find​ the‍ participant⁣ whom ⁤you want‍ to make a ⁤co-host and 𝅺hover ‍over their name. Click ⁢on the ⁤”More”‍ button (represented ‍by ​three dots)‍ and‍ select ⁤the ‍”Make​ Co-Host”‍ option from 𝅺the⁤ dropdown menu. Repeat𝅺 this 𝅺step𝅺 to add multiple co-hosts𝅺 as needed.

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Step⁢ 4: Co-Host Controls

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Once you have made ⁣someone a co-host, they‍ will gain various controls, such ‍as the 𝅺ability⁤ to mute/unmute ⁤participants, ⁣manage ⁢screen sharing, and remove​ participants. As ⁣a host,​ it’s⁢ important⁤ to communicate with co-hosts to define ‌their responsibilities and ​set​ expectations 𝅺prior to the meeting.

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Step ⁢5: 𝅺Utilizing Co-Hosts Effectively

Co-hosts​ can greatly assist𝅺 you in𝅺 managing larger meetings, allowing you𝅺 to focus on the content rather ⁣than the technical aspects. Make sure‍ to delegate tasks‌ to your co-hosts,𝅺 such as ⁣monitoring‍ the ⁣chat,⁢ admitting ⁢participants‍ from ⁢the waiting room, or handling breakout rooms.

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Remember, co-hosts𝅺 are‌ there to support you, so maintaining good communication and coordination is​ crucial to ensure a𝅺 smooth and successful meeting experience.

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Final Thoughts

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Now𝅺 that you know how ​to make𝅺 co-hosts in Zoom, ⁤you ‍can easily manage your𝅺 virtual meetings ​while ⁢leveraging the assistance‌ of ⁣trusted individuals. Remember to always ​communicate 𝅺with your 𝅺co-hosts,𝅺 assign tasks, and‌ establish a⁤ collaborative environment to ensure a⁢ productive and⁤ engaging meeting for​ all participants.