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how to video call on s8

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How to ⁤Video Call ⁤on ‌S8

Make⁢ face-to-face communication a breeze 𝅺with your S8!

Welcome​ to ⁣our comprehensive‌ guide ​on⁤ how to video call⁣ on Samsung Galaxy S8. Video calling⁢ is‌ a ⁢wonderful ‍feature that​ allows you to connect with your friends, ‌family, or colleagues visually, ⁤even​ when distances⁢ separate you. With ‌your vibrant S8 ⁣display and powerful camera,𝅺 video ⁢calling on ​your device becomes an​ immersive and enjoyable experience. ⁢Let’s jump ​right ⁣in and discover⁢ how to ‌make video calls using your⁢ S8!

Step-by-Step Guide

To⁤ help ⁢you ⁣get 𝅺started 𝅺with⁢ video ⁤calling, here is ⁣a step-by-step guide‍ on‍ how ⁤to video ​call on ‌your S8:

  1. Open⁤ your𝅺 Phone app: ⁢Locate 𝅺and tap​ on the green𝅺 phone icon⁣ on⁤ your‌ device’s home screen⁢ to ​open ‌the ⁢Phone ‌app.
  2. Select ​the​ person you want𝅺 to video​ call:⁢ Scroll ​through‌ your ⁤contacts ‍or⁣ manually 𝅺enter ‍the phone number ‌of the person ⁤you ‍wish‍ to‍ call,⁣ just 𝅺like ⁣you ‌would for a regular voice 𝅺call.

  3. Tap on‍ the video call ‌icon: Once‍ you ‌have𝅺 selected ⁤the ​desired ⁣contact, look for ⁢the video call icon, usually located in ⁤the 𝅺top right ‌corner of the⁣ screen.‌ Tap on⁣ the icon to initiate the ‌video call.

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  5. Wait ⁢for‌ the ⁤recipient to ‌accept the ⁣call:⁤ It‌ may⁤ take a few seconds⁢ for the other ⁣person ‍to receive the ⁣video call ⁤notification.⁤ Once they𝅺 accept, you’ll ⁢be​ able⁤ to see⁢ and ​hear them, and ​they’ll be⁢ able to see​ and hear you too!
  6. Enjoy your video ‍call:‍ Relax​ and𝅺 have a great ⁢conversation⁣ face-to-face, no matter where you are!

Tips 𝅺and Tricks

Here‌ are some additional tips​ and‌ tricks ‌to enhance your video calling experience on‌ the⁢ S8:


  • Ensure 𝅺a ⁢stable‌ internet connection: To avoid 𝅺interruptions or⁢ quality𝅺 issues ​during the video call,‍ make sure you have a stable 𝅺internet connection, ⁣preferably a​ Wi-Fi ⁣network.
  • Utilize⁤ headphones:⁢ Using headphones⁢ with a built-in‍ microphone ⁣can ⁤help improve ⁣audio quality and ⁤reduce⁢ background ⁣noise ⁤during ⁢the𝅺 call.
  • Explore video ‌call settings: Take a moment ⁣to explore⁤ the⁢ settings‌ within your Phone app ⁢to 𝅺adjust video call preferences, such⁤ as⁢ video⁢ resolution or​ camera orientation.
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  • Respect the privacy𝅺 of ‍others: Always ask ‍for permission‌ before ​initiating a video‌ call and ⁢ensure⁤ you⁣ are in𝅺 an appropriate ⁤setting.
  • Keep your device fully charged: ⁤Video⁢ calls‌ tend⁢ to consume more battery⁢ power, so it’s ideal ⁤to ⁢ensure​ your S8 ⁤is⁤ adequately⁣ charged‌ before making a‌ video call.

Note: 𝅺The exact⁣ steps for𝅺 video calling ⁣may‍ vary⁢ slightly depending on your‌ specific𝅺 device ⁢model𝅺 and Android version.

Now that⁢ you know ​how ‌to ‍video call ‍on⁢ S8, you can effortlessly⁣ connect ‍with your ‍loved ones whenever you wish!‌ Take advantage of ​this ⁣feature‍ to 𝅺bridge ​distances and⁤ enjoy‍ the​ benefits of ⁤face-to-face communication,⁤ right from​ the palm⁢ of ‌your hand.

Happy⁢ video ‌calling!