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say happy new year in french


Say Happy New Year ‍in French

As the New Year⁣ approaches, it’s always wonderful to learn how to wish‍ your friends and family happiness for the ​coming year. ​If you’re looking to impress your loved ones ‌or French-speaking acquaintances, here’s how to say “Happy New Year” ⁤in French:

Say Happy New ‍Year in French:

  • Bonne année ‌ – This is the most ⁤common and simple​ way to say “Happy New Year” in French.
  • Meilleurs vœux – This translates⁢ to ​”Best ‍wishes” and can also be used to ⁤wish someone a happy new year.
  • Bonne santé et beaucoup de bonheur pour cette nouvelle année – This longer phrase means “Good health and lots of happiness⁤ for this​ New Year.” It adds ⁣an extra⁤ touch of warmth to your New Year’s wishes.
  • Que cette ​année​ vous apporte ​son lot de joie, d’amour⁤ et de chance ​- Translated as “May this year bring you lots of​ joy, love, and luck.” It’s a⁢ more elaborate way to express your good wishes.
  • Que tous vos ‌vœux ⁣se ⁤réalisent ⁤- Meaning “May all your wishes come true.” This is a lovely sentiment to ⁤share for the New Year.

So, as the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, you can confidently greet your French-speaking ⁣friends⁢ with your⁣ new linguistic skill. Use any of these phrases to​ spread ​joy⁢ and positivity for the⁤ year ahead!

Remember, saying “Happy New Year” in French is just the beginning. If you want to deepen your ⁢connection with the⁣ language, consider ⁣exploring a French course, or immersing ​yourself in French culture. Learning‌ a new language is ‌always ⁢an enriching experience and opens up⁤ exciting⁤ opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Keep⁢ practicing ‌and have a fantastic New Year celebration!

Don’t forget to say “Happy New Year in French” throughout ⁣this festive season! Bonne⁢ année!

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