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how to delete a youtube channel 2019


How⁤ to Delete⁤ a YouTube Channel‍ 2019

Welcome𝅺 to our guide on how‌ to delete ⁢a ⁤YouTube channel ⁢in‍ 2019.‌ Whether ⁤you’ve decided‌ to​ close your‌ channel due ‌to‍ personal reasons ⁢or you‌ simply⁤ no longer​ want ‌to maintain it, we ⁣will ⁢walk ⁤you ‌through the step-by-step process.

Step 1:​ Accessing⁤ YouTube Studio

To 𝅺delete your ⁣YouTube channel, you ‌need ⁣to access​ YouTube Studio. You can do this ⁣by signing𝅺 in to⁤ your YouTube ‌account and⁤ clicking on ​your profile⁤ picture in​ the top-right corner. ‌A drop-down menu 𝅺will appear. Click on ⁤”YouTube ⁢Studio” ⁣from the options.

Step ⁣2: ​Navigating to Account Settings

Once you’re in ⁣YouTube Studio, look⁢ for the menu𝅺 on⁤ the⁢ left side‌ of the𝅺 screen. Click‍ on “Settings” ⁢at the bottom. In‍ the⁢ settings window, select ​”Channel” from the left-hand 𝅺side⁢ menu. ⁢Then,⁢ click ⁣on “Advanced ⁢settings.” ​

Step ​3: ⁢Channel Deletion

In ‌the advanced ⁢settings, you ‍will 𝅺find an ‍option called​ “Delete​ channel.” Click ‌on it ⁣to ⁤proceed. ‌You⁣ will ⁣be prompted⁤ to ​re-enter⁣ your 𝅺YouTube⁤ account password ⁣for verification purposes.

Step 4: Final Confirmation

After‌ entering ‍your password, ⁤you will see ⁢a ⁢warning message⁢ explaining⁣ the consequences ‌of deleting‌ your ⁣channel. ‍Take a‌ moment to‍ read ​it⁤ thoroughly. If you’re ‍sure about deleting ⁤your ⁤channel, click ⁣on “I want ​to permanently ⁤delete my​ content” and ⁢select “Delete⁣ my content” to‍ complete the ‍process.

Please‍ be​ aware‍ that once you delete ⁢your YouTube‍ channel, 𝅺it 𝅺cannot ‍be undone. All your‌ videos, playlists,𝅺 comments, ​and ​subscribers ⁤will be permanently ‌removed, and you ‍won’t be able ⁤to‌ recover them.

That’s ⁤it!​ You ⁤have successfully deleted​ your⁤ YouTube⁣ channel in 2019. We⁣ hope‌ this guide was helpful ⁢to ​you.


Deleting𝅺 a‌ YouTube channel ⁣is a decision ⁣that ‌should not be‌ taken lightly. ‍Ensure ​you‌ have backed ‍up any ⁤important content you would like to 𝅺keep⁣ before starting the𝅺 deletion⁤ process.​ Remember ​that 𝅺deleting 𝅺a channel is ⁣permanent, so ⁢be 𝅺absolutely⁤ certain before⁣ proceeding.

We hope‌ this guide has 𝅺provided ⁣you with​ the necessary information‌ on how to delete a ‌YouTube⁢ channel ⁢in 2019.⁣ If you have⁤ any further 𝅺questions⁢ or ‍concerns, 𝅺feel 𝅺free‍ to𝅺 consult⁤ YouTube’s help center or reach‍ out to their customer support.

Thank you for reading,𝅺 and we‍ wish you⁣ all​ the‌ best in⁢ your ⁣YouTube ⁢journey!

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