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Chrome: ⁤Remove “Add ⁢to ​Reading ⁣List”

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By ⁢Home ‍Expert

Published on ‌November​ 1, ​2021

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In recent versions of⁢ Google ​Chrome, the⁤ “Add to‌ Reading​ List” feature has ‌been⁢ introduced​ to help users save articles and webpages for‍ later reading.‍ While ‌this feature‌ can ⁤be beneficial ⁤for some people, others might find it unnecessary‌ or ​simply prefer​ not ‍to‍ use it. In this article, we will guide ⁢you through ⁣the process of ‌removing the “Add ⁢to ‌Reading ‌List” ‌feature from your Chrome browser.

Why Remove ⁣”Add ⁣to‌ Reading List”?

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There​ could ‍be various reasons why ‍you ⁣might want ⁤to remove​ the “Add to Reading List” ⁤option from Chrome.⁢ For instance, ‌you might already ⁤have another application or service ⁣that ⁣fulfills ‌the‍ same ⁤purpose, making ⁢this feature ⁢redundant.​ Additionally,⁢ if you rarely find yourself saving articles or ​webpages⁢ for ⁣later, ‍the⁤ presence ⁣of this feature ⁢in your browser’s‌ context ‌menu⁤ might ⁤simply ⁣clutter ‍the interface.

Steps to​ Remove ⁢”Add to⁣ Reading⁢ List” in ​Chrome

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  1. Launch⁤ Google Chrome
  2. Type‌ “chrome://flags” in​ the address‌ bar and press⁢ Enter

  3. Once on ​the Chrome⁤ Experiments page, search‌ for‌ “Reading List” ⁤using ⁣the search‌ box
  4. Locate the⁤ “Reading List” flag‌ and click on ⁢the “Default” option next ⁤to it
  5. ⁢ ⁢ From the drop-down⁢ menu ‍that appears, select ⁢”Disabled”

  6. Restart Google Chrome for the changes to take⁣ effect.
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‍ ⁣ By following the steps mentioned​ above,‍ you will ‌be⁢ able to remove the⁤ “Add to ⁤Reading List” ​feature from Chrome. ⁤Remember that these ⁤instructions are specific⁣ to Google Chrome and ⁣might differ ​slightly ‍based⁤ on ‍the⁤ version you are using.⁢ However,⁤ disabling this ⁣feature ‍should significantly ‍declutter ⁤your browsing experience if ⁢you​ find it⁤ unnecessary. Enjoy a more streamlined ⁣interface on‌ your ​favorite web browser!

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